Entry #1

I'm Still Alive!...Seriously!

2007-09-14 10:43:59 by ChrisNosal

Hey, I just thought I'd make a post about what I'm up to, since, y'know...it's been around 5 months since I've released anything. And I had yet to try out the fancy user page post thingy.

I'm giving the Bad Guys stuff a rest, and I'm working on a new series. One that I think/hope will turn out a lot better than anything else I've done. I've already finished scripting and voicing the first episode, and I'm beginning to animate it. I'm hoping to get it done this month, but I don't know. But at any rate, I'd like to get episodes done on a more regular basis, rather than procrastinating 6 months between animations. Hell, I'm already writing more episodes while working on this one.

Anyways, the new series is sort of a pulp hero/adventure/comedy kind of thing. I don't want to say too much about it yet though. My user page avatar here is a drawing of what the main character will probably look like. That's all I've got for you right now.

So...yeah. Be expecting new stuff; hopefully fairly soon. Now I have to go to work, and after that...titty bar! Gotta love bachelor parties.



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2007-09-14 14:29:14

Riight... You're that Bad Guys guy eh? Awesome.

Looking forward to more stuff from you!


2007-09-14 15:27:06

Looking forward to it!!

ChrisNosal responds:

I'll try not to disappoint.


2007-09-14 15:35:20

Haha, I remember around the time you were releasing the original BadGuys episodes, you were easily one of my favourite artists.


2007-09-14 16:43:04

i hate you. dont talk to me.

ChrisNosal responds:

Oh, but I love you.


2007-09-16 23:20:07

That sucks about the badguys movies you had going...really loved that shite.Hopefully your new stuff is just as original and far out as the norm,Later.


2007-09-21 16:59:10



2007-09-30 00:41:23

Cris, give in to the dark side... make more Bad Guys! It's the <insert internet slang>!

But I'm curious, are going to do all the voices for this flash also?


2007-09-30 10:38:05

really looking forward to it...when it comes to animation ur voice and jokes fit it perfectly...but why do you have so much space between your posts?


2008-10-06 20:26:51

this is about the badguys series, can i download those onto my phone, ipod, or computer somehow? PM me


2008-10-31 02:52:47

It is your one liners in your cartoons that I follow :)
"Me Damn it!"
"I like boobs!" (response to booby trap warning)
Keep up teh good work man! you got fans in Jamaica :)