Progress Report

2007-10-04 10:44:44 by ChrisNosal

I've been busy lately, but I've finally managed to find some time to work on the new animation this week. I got a significant amount done the past couple of days, and I'm working on it a bunch before I go into work tonight.

Really, the animation isn't too hard, because there isn't a lot of it. It's mostly dialogue. Hey, it's what I do. Even so, just drawing things is a challenge for me. But hopefully, I can get all the visual stuff done fairly soon. Then, I'll probably need to add some music, which means I'll have to write some. And I'd like to maybe record a commentary for it too. We'll see how quick I can pull it all together.


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2007-10-04 17:07:32

Cool cool...

Your last submission was in april, so I don't think you might be getting much attention here. Post in forums, maybe?

P.S. I'm a fan and looking forward to it.

ChrisNosal responds:

I don't really care if I get much attention. I just post stuff here in case anyone's interested. In the forums, people would probably just shit all over it anyway.

But thanks, glad you're looking forward to it.


2007-10-06 20:30:54

Im lookin forward to it. Your 1 of my fav artists, I can help u get more attention.


2007-10-08 16:58:30

Needs moar BadGuys. :3


2007-10-13 20:35:35

Love your work. Keep it up.

And just a little question: Is Bjorn's name written Björn (Swedish) or Bjørn (Norwegian)?

ChrisNosal responds:

I have no idea. I'm gonna say the Swedish one.


2007-10-13 21:42:15

Can you give me hint to what your making? a bjorn PI sequel? Another holiday themed one? a super special zomg episode, check, as always!


2007-11-06 12:20:45

I can't wait for more bad guys!!!
Bjorn is the best!


2007-11-06 20:06:55

OMFG are you frank?


2007-11-12 14:55:16

Love your new flash. :3

I watched the commentary all the way through. Funny stuff. I urge you to make more animation if you're seriously running dry on motivation.


2007-11-27 08:46:07

u sir are a fucking genius lol i love the bad guy series

thanks for then entertainment


2007-12-22 21:05:58

2 submissions this year and none of them badguys :( the animations you did submit were good though which is a plus :)


2008-02-06 14:57:56

i'm really hoping to see more badguys someday.
course, i love everything you've done, man.
i hope you're almost done a new flash!


2008-02-23 22:17:46

you made a very good movies here and my favorite pirates life good JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-03-26 09:44:17

You are hilarious.


2008-04-28 02:08:56

More Chris Nosal!!!


2008-06-26 11:58:06

I live in Michigan to! :3


2008-07-10 12:19:55

DUDE! Make stuff!!!!!!!!111


2008-07-16 09:39:47

I love your work esspecially bad guys :)


2008-07-16 09:40:21

I love your work esspecially bad guys :)


2008-10-20 12:58:36

Moar Bad Guys please.


2008-12-04 20:34:29

Loved the commentary


2009-02-20 00:33:46

Hey man... Have you had time to work on anything lately? I check your page whenever im on newgrounds, and watching the old ones is great, but a new animation would rock :P lol


2009-04-28 22:48:51

I love your work, especially Bjorn: Private Eye. I miss you. Please update us soon.


2009-06-27 10:11:12

Plz come back. We miss you.


2009-09-21 15:53:38

Good luck. :)


2009-11-02 11:35:30

You still here dude? I wanna see some more from you...


2009-11-08 16:41:36

Miss you man, a lot of your stuff was my favorite shit on here. COME BACK!!


2010-01-04 23:16:00

Happy new year! We're now setting off into 2010 and I thought I'd share a thanks. Your dialogues have been an inspiration for me through a number of my school projects, but lately I've been running dry on motivation. I wish you would post some more of your work so that I could see how someone talented does it.
Best wishes to you for this great year to come!


2010-06-28 16:10:46

man i miss yuor stuff wish you would come back but for all i know you could have died in a car accident or something...wish you would come back


2010-06-29 16:54:03

Come back to us man, you are an inspiration. I will try all I can to contact you, I am genuinely scared for your safety. I hope you are still alive, in both RL and IL.


2010-07-26 21:14:59

cris nosal is still here!i know because he recently earned a medal and flash was realy recent


2010-09-29 18:14:44

he made even more medals!


2010-10-02 03:16:21

Guys, I think that the Bad Guys, as the new rulers of the Earth (for the past three years) should be focusing on issues like: WHERE THE HECK IS CHRIS NOSAL???