Entry #3

Where Have I Been? *UPDATED*

2010-11-15 14:39:19 by ChrisNosal

Yeah, I kind of dropped off the face of the internet a few years back. I have to say, I've been surprised at the amount of people who still email me to see if I'm alive and encourage me to make more animations. I didn't think I was that big of a deal. So thanks for that.

So, as you can see, I'm alive. I basically just got fed up with animation. I always enjoyed it in certain ways. I love writing and voicing and making music. I loved having a creative outlet and putting what I created out there and getting feedback. It's kind of addictive. But animating is a lot of work too, and it was always a struggle for me. Drawing doesn't come easy to me, and I was getting more ambitious with my animations, and trying to get them done well and in a reasonable amount of time was just frustrating the hell out of me. Plus, running my own website was even more work.

In addition to that, I started to have more of a social life, got a job, and generally had a lot less free time. Then last year I decided to go back to school. I had discovered a love of baking, and I decided to go to culinary school. I'm almost finished with it now, and soon I will have a Baking and Pastry certificate. So, basically, I shifted my creative outlet to making cakes.

I was going to post some pics of cakes I've made here, but now I realize I can't just upload them to the news post. Maybe I'll figure out a way to share them later. Right now, all I have is a pic of something I made in my ice carving class, which is in my profile pic at the top of the page. I hand painted the NG logo and fused it between two pieces of ice. yay!

That's all I got.


Magical Trevor Cake

A Wedding Cake

Undersea Cake

Pumpkin Cake and Mummy Cake

Dalek (from Doctor Who) Cake

Newgrounds Logo in ice


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2010-11-15 16:28:38

great to see that you're alive.

ChrisNosal responds:

Thanks. Back at ya.


2010-11-15 16:46:13

Use the art portal.


2010-11-15 16:56:59

You can submit pictures of things you have made to the art portal, I mean.

Also, I remember when Badguys came out. Classic.

ChrisNosal responds:

Maybe I'll do that. Or mybe I'll just put it on flickr or something and link to it. Tomorrow though. I'm not home right now. Also, thanks :)


2010-11-15 17:18:08

I completely forgot about you untill i saw your latest animation. Your definitely in top 20 funniest people.

Well, good luck in life and all. Just tell you that you do great jokes.

ChrisNosal responds:



2010-11-15 20:24:53

You can upload the cake pictures on Newgrounds here:

ChrisNosal responds:

Actually, I did that, but then I didn't see a way to put those in the post. I guess I could just put links.


2010-11-15 20:25:38

Good to see you back man. I love your animations and just the plain situational comedy associated. It's the dry deadpan stuff that I love.

Thanks for the animation!


2010-11-15 21:48:30

that sea cake is amazing


2010-11-16 02:06:08

man just watched your personal call animation and a couple of your older bad guys ones and they are fucking hilarious, my kind of humour, so great stuff

reading this you sound alot like me, ive just finished studying multimedia but i find my biggest strengths are in writing voicing and making music as well, as opposed to drawing.. it can be frustrating spending countless hours trying to make something look good just for one short joke.

But id love to see more stuff from you coz youre a really good script writer and voice actor i can tell just from watching these few submissions. So keep at it, even if its just in a crude style, im very much a content over presentation kind of guy. or alternatively maybe you should see if there are any really good animators lacking the other skills that you could team up with? that's what im hoping to start doing

anyway sorry for such a long rant dude was just interested at how similar you sound to me.. im gonna check out more of your older submissions now!

cheers, tys

ChrisNosal responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I'll probably just stick to a crude style if I make more. Teaming up with someone is always an option I guess, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about that.


2010-11-16 16:41:01

Wow, those cakes look great! And delicious too.

Your animations are also great and delicious, I think.


2010-11-17 01:14:29

Dude, I am so excited to see you back on Newgrounds!

You were a huge inspiration to me when I first got into writing. I've become a bit obsessed with comedic dialogue, which you have always been so damn good at. Death Zepplin grew on me and is possibly my favorite of your creations (maybe just below Bad Guys go to Hell).

I was sad to see Slicksville.net die off (good times were had on those forums). Can you PLEASE upload the Slicksville shorts that you only put on the website? I know there's the pirate "nut salt" one and the one about how eyedrops are a ripoff. That shit was so damn funny.

Also, for any future projects, you could still write, voice-act, and compose, just upload it all to the Audio Portal as sound bits. Then you don't need to animate. Finding someone to animate something you've done all the sound for is pretty difficult, but it's happened, and you do have quite the impressive resume to show people your stuff is worth animating (or maybe since you're in school, you might take an art class or two?)

By the way, love the new cartoon. It just got funnier and funnier as it went on. I hope to see more creations (cake-based or flash-based) in the future.

Take care.

- Matt

ChrisNosal responds:

Thanks. Maybe I'll see if I can find those old shorts and stuff. I may have them squirreled away on an external hard drive.


2010-11-19 12:11:44

So glad to hear that you're still kicking around man! I've changed my username since you last were here, but I've been a fan of your work for years, and commented on many of your works as my old "themasternazgul" handle. I continue to spread links to your work throughout the internet, and while I'm saddened that you are moving away from animation, I am definitely glad to hear that you have been seeing our emails and our cries for you to come back!

Anyhow, I really have nothing important to say. All the best man! You're easily my favorite NG artist, and likely will remain so. Death Zeppelin is my favorite NG submission of all time. Thanks!


2010-11-22 22:49:23

Hey, man. Glad you let us know how you're doing. I've been a fan of yours growing up for quite a long time. Every now and then I go back to watch the old Bad Guys that I grew up watching through high school and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you put in on them. They have easily been some of my first favorites on Newgrounds and I will continue to watch them on occasion just for the nice dialogue humor. Hope things get put into place in your life and your cakes look awesome. Never shy back from making a news post every now and then even if you won't make any more animations. Thanks a ton, man.


2010-11-29 00:30:05

well about time u came back, I joined newgrounds because of you, mad props and nice going on ur baking, looks rather impressive, hoping for another bad guys, is that a dream too far away?


2010-12-13 19:32:21

Hurray for you still being alive!


2010-12-19 21:20:16

I really hope you do find the time to at least do a little more animation, if only as a side hobby. I still think your Bad Guy cartoons are some of the funniest animations I've ever seen, and you have some real talent.
Not to say your cakes aren't good. Your stuff looks really fantastic, and I really hope that career works out for you, but I would like to see a bit more for you. In my personal opinion, I think the bad guys have a few more adventures they could go through.
Good Luck in the future!


2011-01-13 04:10:47

You're work is some of my all time favorite animations, and after looking at that wedding cake I can see that your talent encompasses an even greater range.

With whatever you decide to do, I hope the best for you!
(I really wish you would come back, but it's best to follow ones true self :)


2011-01-23 16:44:19

Glad you're alive Chris old chap, it's been a long road.


2011-05-27 17:53:48

So, I haven't really been on Newgrounds in like a year and a half except for a game or an old video here or there. Finally, I decide to get back into the swing of things, and the first thing I do is check out your page.

It's awesome to hear that you're not dead AND that you've found something you truly like doing, seeing as this isn't the first time you've mentioned not enjoying the animating part of animation.

I'm also really happy to hear that you're still open to making submissions. As much as I do enjoy the art you do, and the simplistic style really does add to the jokes, I'd be more than happy if you just did what some people have suggested and just make audio submissions. You're a damned funny guy and I still watch the Bad Guy videos the most of the submissions here on NG, generally at least one every time I'm on.

All of that being said, the cakes you made look awesome. I especially like the Dalek cake, seeing as I love Doctor Who. I hope you keep all of us updated when you make a new one. After all, anyone who brings deliciousness into the world is awesome, and awesome deliciousness is even better.

All in all, it's great to hear you're still bumping around and I think a lot of people on Newgrounds would really like to hear from you more often. You're the man, man.

I'm sure I forgot something in there somewhere, because that's what I do, but the most important part: keep up the great work, both in the baking, and hopefully in the comedy!


2011-06-04 10:42:06

COOL leave newgrounds continue your career and social life!


2011-08-20 22:49:40

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well actually, it's great that your doing stuff, but i will miss your new animations greatly.


2011-08-20 22:54:13

mmmm....i love doctor who, and i love that dalek cake. 'nuff said


2011-12-07 19:27:14

Cakes? Fucking cakes??? Are you fucking serious? You do not entertain us for cakes?

Just kidding buddy, I'm glad you do something you like. And they look good too.


2012-07-02 04:05:24

Oh man I had forgotten about you and your flashes until now, your stuff was a huge inspiration for me when I first found newgrounds as a kid, your flashes among others helped me see the potential of animation to lift peoples' spirits. Your stuff was laugh out loud funny from what I can remember, right up there with other classics like Blockhead, and I often rewatched them. I really wish you would continue to make great flashes, but I see you have found what you are truly passionate for, so I guess it can't be helped much if you can't find time anymore. Still I'll always remember you as one of the first artists that I was exposed to quality writing in animation through. The way I felt watching early newgrounds flashes when I was younger.. I want to make other kids feel that inspiration too. Good luck in your endeavors, Chris!


2012-10-08 01:37:31

I Remember watching Bad Guys when it was on the front page, Good old times, And memories, It's kewl to know that you have a passion for baking, And i'm loving those pictures of the cakes you done. And i love cake, Have a good one, Knowing this post is late lol for me to comment but i figured i would anyways. I had a good time watching your flashes take care.


2013-08-27 03:31:04

ok... seems like i'm a little late here. first off: awesome to hear about your (positive) life-changes!
hope you handle those seemingly not so positive situations just as you please!

sad to hear, that there will be no more bad guys in space adventures - we (not singular) surely would have made them a part of our lives. just like, when we realized that we're all beautiful inside!

would you be interested in doing some kind of collaboration - you doing just some voice acting? seriously, think about it. do it. now. and now decide. so?


2014-09-23 16:36:23

I was just working on a Throwback Thursday post when I checked in on your page, I don't think I saw this blog post back when you made it! Those cakes look awesome and delicious, hope everything is going well with that!

Side note - if you had made that post TODAY, you actually could have uploaded all of the pictures directly into the post.